At Northbay, staff Physicians provide free technical support for test interpretation, and treatment recommendations for your patient. Our testing utilizes the most modern, state of the art methodologies, for more accurate clinically relevant results. Pricing is extremely competitive, maximizing clinic profit. Turn around time is typically less then a week, some of the best in the business. 


Our advanced collection procedure utilizes 4 samples pooled for greater accuracy then other labs. Lab reports contain supplemented reference ranges, for monitoring ongoing hormone therapy. Easy to read results, graphically represented on every report. Click here to view a sample lab report.


  • Saliva collection is non-invasive, convenient and can be done in the privacy one's home
  • Cost effective
  • Samples can be mailed directly to the laboratory
  • More clinically relevant then conventional testing

Advantages to Patient

  1. Free test kits, no upfront costs
  2. Technical/Clinical support from staff physicians
  3. Rapid turn around time
  4. Interpretations included with lab reports
  5. Availability of patient education materials

Urine analysis of common neurotransmitters can uncover the cause of numerous complaints in the primary care setting. Mood disorders, ADHD, weight problems, fatigue, insomnia, addictions, chronic pain, can all be successfully treated with targeted nutritional/supplemental therapy once imbalances are diagnosed. Patients can collect samples from the convenience of their own home.


Advantages to Practice

Saliva Hormone Testing

Neurotransmitter Testing

What separates us from the competition